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Contact us directly with questions about mentorship (for CKC judges), presentations (Canada or USA), or general questions about the breed.  In the past 11 years we have attended several shows in Finland including Helsinki Winners, Finnish Winners, group specialty shows, several additional all breed shows, and the World Dog Show.  As such, we have had ample opportunity to learn from the founders of the breed.


We are happy to share photos, breed videos, and information on the breed from our collection of materials that we have gathered during our trips to Finland. Above are a few pictures taken by Nicole at the World Dog Show, 2014.


The following presentation is part of judges education delivered by Markku Mähönen for the judges association in Southern Alberta in 2011. The presentation was designed by Saara Sampakoski (Shacal Kennel), with help from Jukka Kuusisto (Lecibsin Kennel), and contributions from many Finnish Lapphund breeders and exhibitors.  Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds sponsored a Finnish judge to come to Canada and present. Since this presentation was initially used, it has been used again for presentations in the UK, Netherlands, and Finland. It is primarily pictures and intended to be an introduction to the breed with the presenter speaking and answering questions.


During the presentation, Markku explained to our judges the importance of single track movement, the history of the breed, the importance of coat texture quality, and proper structure. We cannot thank Markku and Lappalaiskoirat ry enough for their help. Our initial contact was Petra Palukka, who was the club English language contact at the time. We quickly discovered that the network of Finnish Lapphund breeders in Finland is extensive and well connected to each other. Prior to our invite, no one had invited the Finns to come talk anywhere in North America about their beloved breed. They were happy to come and teach. Anna-Liisa Raatikainen, from High River, AB was present at the talk and acted as an interpretor if Markku needed help. We were very grateful for everyone's help. The presentation involved about 6 months of coordination on everyone's part.


Bearspaw provided 5 Finnish Lapphunds for hands on examination and teaching -- 3 adult males, 1 adult female, and 1 baby puppy male. If Markku were to have judges them as a group, his BOB winner would have been Multi-Group Placing Am Can Ch Peikkovuoren Ruska, HIC. His BOS winner would have been Sugarok Koda, CGN, HIC. He provided verbal critiques of all the adults. Our baby puppy, now Am Can Ch Bearspaw Veikka Makalu, "Karhu," was presented as an example of the colour parkki with spectacles (bear brown with spectacles, a variation of brown and tan).


Download the presentation of the Canadian Breed Lecture, 2011


The following is the internationally used and accepted illustrated standard. It was created from the Finnish illustrated standard. The same pictures are used and the text is translated into English by a Finnish (Petra Palukka and Eija Lehtimäki) and Australian team (Wayne and Sue Sharp, Janoby Kennel). Lappalaiskoirat ry is currently working on a new edition in Finnish, English, and Swedish. We will also provide the new version, when the club releases it.


The following are lecture notes provided in judges education by Wayne and Sue Sharp (Janoby Kennel, Australia), and used with their permission. We really appreciate these materials, and hope that you find them helpful too.

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