About the Breed


The Finnish Lapphund is a very special breed that is rare outside Finland and other Nordic countries. The Lappy has delightful qualities and can be a wonderful fit for many different types of families and situations. It is 1 of the 5 national breeds of Finland, where it is highly prized as a family pet, hobby dog, and working companion. Learn more about what makes Lappies so special, and whether or not this very special breed might be a fit for you and your family.


The drop down menu above have tons of information on the breed, Lappy history and health.  We recognize that many people research dogs on the Internet before contacting local breeders or purchasing books. We hope this information is helpful. Furthermore, we have compiled on the FAQ page many of the common questions we have received through e-mail and by phone over the years. If you are interested in show and conformation information check out the judges education page.

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