Thank you for your interest in our Finnish Lapphunds. The following form helps us gain some basic information about you. This form is intended for people seeking a puppy or dog if we do not have a previous relationship with you, or if you would like to know if we think that this is the right dog for you. This form is not intended to be an invasion of your privacy, rather is a needed part of the screening process.


The screening process includes completing this questionarie, in person or phone/Skype interviews, and may include a house visit for us to visit you, or a requirement to meet us in person at a dog show. If you are interested in a puppy, you will need to be willing to get to know us, go through the full screening process, and be willing to wait for a puppy.


At one time, we did consider requests to visit our home and meet the dogs when requested through e-mail and this questionnaire. We found over time that such visits took needed time away from the dogs, and from our busy schedules. If you have never met a Finnish Lapphund before and are local to us, we are happy to meet you at a dog show. We do travel to shows, and may visit your area even if we are not local to you. If you have completed a phone interview, we do not mind meeting you in person at a show. "Home visits" or "kennel tours" are reserved if we have already gotten to know you, you are committed to working with us, and we have a puppy for you. If you would like to see pictures and videos taken of the dogs in our home, we have many of those on the internet and social media.

Thank you for completing this form. Please read the following. If you hit, "Submit", you are stating that you have read, and agree to the following conditions in the Questionnaire:


1. I agree to inform Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds privately through e-mail or phone if I change my mind, get a different dog, or later add myself to other waiting lists. This is a courtesy to Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds, other breeders, and other people waiting for Finnish Lapphund puppies.


2. I understand that Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds will not ship a puppy unaccompanied to me through airline cargo, or send a puppy to me through a third party.  I must pick up the puppy in person or arrange to have Bearspaw bring a puppy to me.


3. I understand that Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds matches puppies and people primarily based upon temperament. Personal preferences (colour, gender, etc.) may be considered, but come secondary to ensuring the correct puppy is placed in the correct living situation.


4. I understand that I will be asked for a non-refundable deposit after a litter is born and it is anticipated that there is a puppy for me. If I change my mind for any reason after providing a deposit, I will  forfeit  my deposit. If Bearspaw cannot provide me with a puppy as anticipated, they will refund the deposit.


5. If I am added to the waiting list, I understand that I am expected to maintain private e-mail or phone contact with Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds at least every six months to remain on the waiting list.


6. I understand that if I am offered a puppy and turn down puppies from two different litters, that it will be up to the discretion of Bearspaw if I can remain on the waiting list.


7. I understand that I can only access ongoing support from Bearspaw if I get my puppy or dog from them. Unfortunately, Bearspaw does not have the ability to provide support if I choose to find a dog or puppy through another source.


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