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Contact us & puppy Application

For general inqueries, please e-mail us at info(at) Please complete the following if you are interested in a puppy, and would like to fill out our application. We are not able to respond to incomplete applications.  Please note, we are preservationist breeders. We occasionally have companion puppies avalible for families and individuals on our waiting list.   We will plan 2 litters in 2024.
Name Preferred Name Pronouns Province or State Street Address E-Mail Phone number How many people live with you? Please provide names and ages. Have you met a Finnish Lapphund before? If so, what was it like? What prompted your interest in Finnish Lapphunds? Why do you feel that the breed is a fit for you, and you are a fit for the breed? What do you know about the breed, and where/how did you learn about them? Why did you specifically contact us as breeders? Do you or your family have any cultural or historical connections to the Finnish Lapphund? (ie. Sami-Canadian, love the Finnish language, lived in Sweden as an exchange student, live in the arctic, etc.) Who would be responsible for care and training of the puppy? Do you rent or own your home? What kind of home do you live in? If you rent, do you have written permission from your landlord to have a pet? How will you keep your Lappy cool when it is hot outside? If you rent an apartment, does your landlord have any restrictions within the lease- pet size, barking, number of pets?
What kind of cooling system does your home use?
Room air conditioner
Central Air
Heat Pump
Do you have a basement? Where would your Lappy live if you moved? What is your current occupation/job? What are your typical work hours? What is your annual income?
How will you support your future Finnish Lapphund in the event of a canine medical emergency?
Pet Insurance
Rainy day fund
Help from family/friends
Crowd sourcing or fund raiser
What are your expectations of us as breeders, who provide a lifetime of support? We are always looking for suitable fanciers, breed stewards, and people interested in being involved in the breed community for a percentage of our puppy homes. What is your interest in this? Are you willing to keep your Finnish Lapphund in the gene pool? This would involve them remaining intact/unaltered for part of their lives. Do you or any household members have allergies and/or asthma? If so, do you have a management plan (vacuum with filter, allergy shots, frequent cleaning, etc) Do you or any household members have any other medical problems which could impact your ability to care for a dog- major or life threatening illness, disabling illness, etc. If so, what problem solving have you done or can you do around owning a dog? Are you or any household members fearful of dogs? Dog behaviours such as barking or jumping?
Are you interested in (check all which apply)...
Companion/Pet (on a spay/neuter contract)
Companion/Pet (intact for part of life)
Companion/Pet (intact)
Guardian home
Co-ownership home
Conformation dog
Performance sport dog
Therapy Dog
Potential self-certified Service Dog
Gun Dog
Security or Protection Dog
Acerage or Farm Dog
Do you have have any pets? If so, please tell us their names, ages, and species. Do you have any past pets? If so, please tell us more about them. How many pets are permitted where you live (in your city, township, or rural county)? If manditory, are you willing to regsiter your dog in your city or town? What do you feed your current pets? What would you feed your future Finnish Lapphund? Do you have a veternarian? If so, whom? Do you have any other animal professionals in your life- groomer, daycare, trainer, dog walker? If so, whom? How do you feel about the idea of having a highly intelligent dog with a sense of humor? How will you manage that? How do you feel about seasonal shedding? How will you manage it? How do you plan to socialize your future Finnish Lapphund to new environments? How do you plan to socialize your puppy to humans? How do you plan to socialize your puppy to dogs and other animals? Will you crate and/or pen train your puppy?
Which activities do you hope to do with your future Finnish Lapphund? (Check any which apply to your interests and lifestyle):
Running or Jogging
Boating or fishing
Dog Parks
Where would your lappy be housed and where would your Lappy sleep at night? Where would your Lappy be when you are not home? Are you in a hybrid work arrangement or work at home? If so, how will you teach your puppy about separation from you? What can you provide for exercise and mental stimulation for your Lappy? If you have having an issue with the puppy or have a question, are you willing to contact us directly? We cannot guarantee that we will see all social media posts. Our contracts ask you to keep the dog intact (not spayed or neutered) until the dog is 24 months old, unless there is a medical reason (ie. cryptochidism). If you spay or neuter prior then, the health clause of our contract is null and void. This includes any scenario where a vet/groomer/dog trainer encourages you to spay or neuter as young as possible or prior to then. Can you either agree to this, or accept the full responsibility of any possible poor health outcomes from spaying or neutering prior to 24 months old? We are interested in working with families who will maintain a relationship with us for the .lifetime of the dog. This is both so we can offer you support, so we have information for future breeding decisions, and so we know how the dogs we have bred are doing. Can you keep in touch with us for updates, breed specific advice, etc.? How often, and which means of communication? Did you know the Finnish Lapphund has a small gene pool in North America. While we do not require that all dogs remain in the gene pool, it does help if a percentage of Lappies remain intact with responsible people, who maintain ties to our kennel. Is this of personal interest for you? We will take a dog back at any point in its life, if you cannot care for it. We ask that you never place the dog in a shelter or with a humane society. You must also talk with us before placing the dog in another home, ie. a family member, so we can keep in touch and provide them with support. Can you agree to this?
I can agree to the following:
I can agree to never breed this dog without written permission from Bearspaw.
I understand that in order to obtain permission to plan a litter, I will need to complete health testing prior to breeding- hips, elbows, patellae, eyes, and genetic testing. Screening requirements may change with current science and research.
I will be required by contract to only breed with another registered Finnish Lapphund.
Any match must be approved by my breeder, who knows the lines, in writing.
I have read and understand the following:
I understand that I may be offered an interview or a kennel visit as part of this process.
I understand that I may be asked to meet at another location, such as a dog show, prior to being offered a kennel visit.
I understand that if I am offered a puppy, that Bearspawwill match me with a puppy who would fit my situation based upon puppy temperament and match with my lifestyle.
I understand that Bearspaw may or may not be able to honour colour preferences.
I understand that Bearspaw may or may not be able to honour gender preferences for companion/pet puppies.
I understand that if I am a breeder, and planning to have this puppy live with a co-owner or in a guardian home, that said home will be part of this screening process.
I agree that all household members are aware of this application.
I agree that all household members are in agreement about getting a dog.
Please provide 3 references (and contact information). References may not be close family members, nor reside in the same household. Submit
Bearspaw Finnish Lapphunds CKC Perm' Regsitered

Alberta, Canada